On March 12th, a week before the government imposed quarantine, Catalonia’s night clubs shut its doors in an effort to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. As a result, thousands of nighttime industry employees are currently unemployed and the entire Catalonia music scene faces an existential crisis.

In a unified effort to save our cultural and creative industry, we have decided to join forces and stand together in solidarity with our friends. Now, more than ever, we need your helping hand! Please enjoy the streams, donate and save Catalonia’s club culture!

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Launching on Wednesday, May 27th, United We Stream Catalonia will broadcast a diverse blend of entertainment and creative content as one free online platform. Streaming live DJ sets, live music and live performances, United We Stream Catalonia will have something for everyone to enjoy while we all spend more time indoors to help the fight against COVID-19.

As a global charity project “United We Stream” has a crucial commitment in saving and keeping club culture. Alongside with other cities, Catalonia is launching activities that will be fully committed to maintain the existence and functionality of local artists, locations and related employees. In order to prevent irreparable consequences, it is important to intervene in a timely manner and draw attention to areas that have been particularly affected.

Cultural organisations, performance venues, pubs, bars, restaurants and individuals, freelancers from across Catalonia can apply for the fund. Applications for the fund will go to a panel of local judges, where applications will be considered and money distributed.